Congrats to the students of the month: Azzah, Naseelah and Maryam G.!!!

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1 ATTENTION TAJWEED/FLUENCY STUDENTS!!! on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:21 pm

Please note the additional assignment (point 5) in the homework email under the tajweed category. This is a blog assignment and must be completed and returned this weekend, 11/18, be'itnillaah. Please message me if you have any questions. 
Jazaakunnallaahu khairan!

Write a minimum two-page, how-to report on your 3d oral cavity. Describe the process of making your model; pros; cons; and how your model can be useful. Make sure to be as thorough as possible. Finished reports will be included on the blog along with the contest results, in-shaaAllaah.

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