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A Compilation

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1 A Compilation on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:16 pm

Based on the below quotes from imam al jazari (from them is the set of quotes studied in class), extract a number of points that indicate the things needed to execute proper tajweed of the Qur'an. Explain the reason for each point extracted.

1. It is without any doubt required for the recitor to know before starting recitation: the articulation points and characteristics of the letters 

So that they can articulate in the most eloquent of languages 

In order to make clear the application of tajweed and the stops and that which is written in the (‘Uthmani) copies of the Qur’an, 

As regards to all those words that are separated and joined in it (in writing in the Qur’an), and the feminine ‘taa’ which is not written with a ‘haa’ 

2.  And it is giving each letter its required rights of each and every characteristic as well as (giving each letter its) presented rights 

To take every one (of the letters) back to its origin And to pronounce the equivalent letter in the same way (as you would pronounce that letter). 

Complete (with all its characteristics) yet without any exaggeration, Being gentle in pronunciation without any abuse 

There exists nothing between applying it and leaving it, Except for a person to exercise his jaws

3. And I do not know a reason for reaching the utmost perfection in exercising the tongue and repeating the words from the mouth of a muhsin/mujawwid

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