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Extra Resources

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1 Extra Resources on Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:57 pm

1.    Some resources suggested last year for those who lost the links. If any other resources pop up, in-shaaAllaah I will add it to this thread. Jazaakunallaahu khairan.

1. This is a nice tajweed resource for research:
It appears to be almost a companion site for your textbook because the wording of some of the discussions is identical or similar. I believe they also have an old version of the site with beneficial Q/A.

2. From this link you can listen to sittings with Shaykha Kawthar Khooli. We used her as a reference for the debate research, (particularly on the point concerning the reason alif is included in the levels of tafkheem in exclusion of the other madd letters). She is from Egypt, and she studied from the precise and well-known scholars of recitations, obtaining ijaazaat in the ten qiraa’aat from the way of imaam ash shatibi, and the ten qiraa’aat from the way of imam al jazari (tayyibah), maashaaAllaah.
Although her lectures and the website is in arabic, if you click the green `buttons ending in 2015 (in the below link) you will be able to hear some of the lessons in which she corrects the recitation of the sisters in her halaqah. Those lectures are under the title
تصحيح التلاوة,
Note: the Shaykha pauses the sisters frequently to correct them, and sometimes the dialgoue in between is lengthy. Pay attention though to where she stopped the sister and how she says or has them say the word again, be’ithnillaah.
3. Wonderful audio-visuals for some of the letters!
May Allaah make our tongues free of mistakes when reciting His words, and aid us in striving to please Him, azza wa jall.

4.Practice each letter with dr. ayman rushdi swayd hafidhahullaah 

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